Do what you love/love what you do

We live in a world where majority of people are not happy with what they do. It may be business, job or any profession. The reason why they are not happy with what they do is simply because they don’t love what they do.  There are two major reasons why they don’t love what they do. The first reason is because what they do don’t meet their needs and secondly, they never wanted to do it.

The greatest commandment    is love. You must love what you do and do it for a sustained period of time to be successful. Loving what you do is like getting married to it and if you are married to what you do, it will be ” for better for worse “(for failure for success). Most people fail to succeed and give up on what they do because they never loved it. Love perseveres, endures all things and where there is love there is success.

Everyone has one thing he/she would love to do for a living. When you do what you love, energy and inspiration flows easily. For example, if you do a job you love, you can easily work overtime without getting bored or tired, you will give the job your best  and it will make the best out of you. But reverse is the case when you do a job you never loved. Your job can make you happy if you love it. And if you are happy at whatever you do, you will do it well.

If you really love what you do , you can never quit, even if you fail, you will rise and keep on trying until you succeed. Doing what you do not love is like two couples who got married without loving each other. Guess what, they will quit (divorce) when the going gets tough, and that’s exactly what the case will be when you do what you don’t love. With little skill and knowledge, you can do better in what you love than someone who possess more knowledge and skill but don’t love what he/she does. The love for what you do will easily stir up the hunger in you to acquire all the knowledge and skill you need to do better in it.


Where there is love, there is progress, happiness, peace, energy, enthusiasm and all these lead to success because love and success go together. Do what you love and failure will not be a barrier to your success because you will overcome it and when you do, success will be achieved.Do not be deceived, you can only do best in what you love.


Here is a tip for you. If you don’t love what you do now for a living, look for what you would love to do. If you can’t switch or  find what you would love to do, develop love for what you do now ( yes it is possible because you can choose to love it ) not minding whether your needs are meet. Give it your everything and watch how the law of compensation will reward you when your time comes. One of the problems people have is that they want quick success. Success doesn’t come quickly, it takes time and you have to consistently do the right thing and wait for it.



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Oscar Nelson

I am Oscar Nelson, a chemical engineering technologist by profession and a passionate blogger. I live in the eastern part of Nigeria. I love motivational books and videos and I enjoy teaching people how to be successful in life. I started this blog as a result of the passion and drive I have for success and the resentment I have for poverty and mediocrity.SUCCESS is a mindset. To be successful in life, you have to first of all program your mind for success. Poverty is my motivation!

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