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Your rate of productivity and success is directly proportional to the rate of your time management.

We all make use of time, but it is either we are managing it or we are wasting it. One of the best ways to efficient time management is to find out where you waste your time and adjust.

In my little life, one of the factors I struggle to control is time.

Time is the most important factor in life that we can’t really control because we can’t stop or move it, but we can manage it.

Time is free but can be costly if not efficiently managed because it cannot be recovered when it is wasted.

The Essence Of Efficient Time Management 

Ask me and I will tell you that you and I have only 24 hours to live.

Everyday of our lives presents just 24 hours which if efficiently managed can change our lives.

I have heard people say that “time is money ” but I came to find out that time is more delicate and valuable than money. How?

Because if you waste money, you are gonna get it back, but if you waste time, you are not gonna get it back.

Any second you waste is gone forever, but any dime you waste can be recovered with time. .

          If You Are 30 Years Old 

# You have slept for 8 years ( 8—9 hrs     a day)

# Travelled for 2 years

#  Spent 12 years in school ( 6 hrs a day in classroom)

# You have spent 2 years in the entertainment

# 2 years in other activities

This is equivalent to 24 years of unproductive life and just 6 years of productivity.

Today there are so many factors that waste our time. Technology has advanced, and has created a lot of objects of distractions that can keep you busy through out the day without making you productive.

time management

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Time Wasting Factors 

  • Entertainment : This includes TV shows, videos, movies, wrestling, music, comedy e.t.c.
  • Social Networks : Facebook, reddit, LinkedIn e.tc
  • Reading news papers and irrelevant articles
  • Watching news that has nothing to do with ur career or business.
  • Video games
time management


Engaging in the above mentioned factors is not bad but they can waste time and impair your productivity if not wisely engaged.

You can agree with me that most news that are presented in our TVs and news papers in the world today are heart breaking news.

I hardly watch news because of this. There is no time to waste my time watching news about killings, conflicts, disasters and crimes.

Just take analysis of all the news presented on TVs, there are more bad news than good news.

News papers and magazines are full of junks.

Do you need to waste your precious time reading, watching or listening to  those things?


Bad news can make you feel insecure and affect your emotions negatively ,thereby making you less productive.

You should spend your time receiving quality informations that can change your life.

         Time Management Tips 

1.Set Goals : Never start a day without setting goals you want to achieve during the day. It makes you focused and committed to achieving them, and makes you to be time concious.

2.Make daily Schedule : A day well spent is a day well scheduled.This has  great effects your time management .

You have to understand the fact that there is time for everything.

time management

Set deadlines for each goal you want to achieve. Plan the time for everything you want to do each day including your recreation time.

3. Check Time Always 

Always look at your time to know when the time for a particular schedule has elapsed.

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Time management is one of the top priorities of great men. If you can’t manage your time efficiently, you will be limited in life.

Remember, no one can manage your time for you.

You must not do everything, find out the most important things you need to do and remain focused on accomplishing them

Think before you engage in anything you want to do.

Find out where you are wasting your time and adjust.

Is there any other way to increase time management?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.

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