The man who conquers failure is that man who has sustained the ability and capacity to keep trying despite all failures encountered until he succeeds. “Success is never ending, failure is never final “— Dr.  Robert Schuller.

Every little child has a natural desire to walk and move around all by him/her self without support from anyone. If you have watched a little child learning how to walk, sometimes the child falls while trying to walk and most times he/she falls, stands up and tries again. It is true that during this learning period, the child may sustain injuries and undergo some pains yet it does not stop him/her from trying until he/she perfects in it. It takes many times of failure and quite long time of practice for a child to perfect in walking. One of the reasons children succeed in walking is that they don’t think failure, even when they fail, they shrugg it off and continue trying until they achieve their goal because in their mind, failure is not an end.

In a quest for success, failure is inevitable. Before success will be achieved, there must be periods of mistakes, trial and error, insufficient knowledge, and inadequate self mastery. And these are mostly the causes of temporal defeat(failure). Every great man known in life has tasted failure before succeeding.

Many years ago, Henry Ford embarked on a project. He tried executing it and failed up to 5000 times but never wanted to give up on the project. A certain man asked him why he didn’t want to give up on the project since he has failed many times. And Henry Ford answered and said, I have just found 5000 ways that didn’t work. That may sound ridiculous to a man who does not know what it takes to overcome failure. It takes a consistent persistence to overcome failure and achieve success.

“No one has the right to brand you as a failure except yourself “— Napoleon Hill

Great men don’t see failure as an obstacle but rather as an avenue to discover their loop holes and amend them. Failure reveals your areas of inadequacies and makes you work on those areas and improve in those areas. Failure is an opportunity for mastery. The man who conquers failure is that man who loves what he does and is not ready to quit even when failure surrounds him  ” The genius thing we did is we didn’t quit ” —Jay Z

” If you don’t love it, you are gonna fail “— Steve Job

Thomas Edison had to fail for more than 10000 (ten thousand)  times before he succeeded in inventing the incandescent light bulb. Charley Chaplain tried for more than 700 times before he could walk perfectly on a rope in one of his movies titled the circus.These men did not conquer just because they were determined to succeed but also because they love what they were doing.

Any man who conquered failure did not think failure in anything he embarked on. He understood the fact that his thoughts should only be successful thoughts. You fail when you think failure and succeed when you think success. Because we are the product of our thoughts and actions.

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Oscar Nelson

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