I guess you have your own definition of success. But whatever success  definition you have for yourself, the keys to success  have always been the same.

I define success as achieving your goals and fulfiling your purpose for existing.

What is your definition of success???

Success is not for you if you fail to follow it’s principles. In this article, I am going to share with you 9 reasons why you Will not be successful.

The 9  reasons you are about to learn are also the reasons why you will be successful if you do the opposite.

Does that sound like an irony?

Here is number one reason.

1. If You Can’t Do What Is Hard 


It takes discipline to be successful in life because success is hard work.

Whatever level of success you want to attain in life, there are certain hard things you must do to achieve it.

You have to be disciplined to reach any goal you set for yourself. Whether it’s financial, career, health, or family goals, you have to work it out.

It takes discipline to :

  • Take your bath everyday
  • Brush your teeth every morning
  • Go to work every morning and stay from 9 a.m—5 p.m
  • Cook the food you eat daily

If you are disciplined enough to do those things, you can as well discipline yourself to do harder things. It’s all about programming yourself to do them.

The reason why many people refuse to set higher goals for themselves is because they think they can’t achieve them.

And the reason why they think they can’t achieve them is because they think it’s hard to achieve them.

How To Do What Is Hard 

Anything you think you can’t do, someone else is doing it with ease. Yes!success

Think of anything you can’t do right now, I mean anything at all, look around and you will find someone doing it.

If you think you can’t be a CEO, there are many CEOs around you. If you think you can’t be a millionaire, there are many  millionaires you can find.

Even if you have lost your happiness because of your situation, look around your environment and you will surely find people that their situations are worse than yours and yet they live a happy life.

Here are three ways to do what is hard.

  1. Stay with problems longer, practice for long and try different methods of tackling your problems.
  2. Always tell yourself that you can do it.
  3. Learn from others who did what you can’t do, find out what they did and do the same thing

2. If You Don’t Take Action 


I have a question for you. Why are you reading this article?

I guess you are reading to know why you Will not be successful, right?

You may be impressed after reading this article but it will be a waste of time  if you did not apply what you learn from this article.

To take action simply means to consistently do or engage what you have learned until you achieve your goals.

Three ways to take action are: (1) Set goals. (2) Write down those goals. (3) Do something everyday that will move you toward your goals.

3. If you Are Afraid of Failure


“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure “—Bill Cosby

The reason people don’t take risks is because of their fear of failure. Fear is the greatest enemy of success.

Show me any man who rose to greatness, and I will tell you he has encountered failures.

Failure and success is a mindset. No man has fail until he quits. Failure is not an end, it’s just a bend.

On your way to mastery, failure is your best teacher. Sometimes you have to try and  fail 999 times to succeed in the 1000th time. If you have any doubt, comfirm from Michael Faraday.

Find out  Your Ability To conquer failure.

4.If You Don’t Stop Making Excuse

Success occurs when your dream is bigger than your excuses.

Giving excuse is damaging to your success. Each time you give an excuse, you diminish your respect, your credibility, and your integrity.

Each time you make an excuse, you reinforce your propensity to make even more excuses in the future,and excuse making becomes a habit.

The best way to stop making excuse is to look to yourself for the cause of every of your problem.

Take responsibility for all the things that happen in your life. Whenever a situation that will make you give an excuse arises, substitute it with “I am responsible ” Ofcourse, you would have prevented the situation.

When things didn’t work out the way you hoped, claim responsibility.

5. If You Don’t Express Gratitude 


Ingratitude is a canker worm that eats the multiplication of success.

The more gratefully we fix our minds on the supreme when good things come to us, the more good things we will receive.

If you set a goal of building a ten story building, be grateful for each progress you make toward achieving that goal.

Be grateful for every little progress you make in life. Even if you think you you are not making progress, always be thankful.

The fact is that the attitude of gratitude is a key to your success.

6. If You Are Not Flexible 


Flexibility is the quality of being adaptable or variable.

” You can learn anything you need to learn to become anyone you want to become, to achieve anything you want to achieve “—Brian Tracy

If you continue doing exactly what you are now doing, the only probability is that you will not see any increase or change in your results

So notice exactly what is working for you and notice what is not. Change your approach in some way. You will need to brainstorm various approaches.

Then continue to observe. By continually changing your approach, and finding what works and what doesn’t, you will literally be unstoppable.

suggested : How To Increase your personal productivity through mental flexibility

7. If You Don’t Stay Positive

successSuccess responds to the positive mind and not to the negative mind. The act of being pessimistic is a huge barrier to your success.

It pays to stay positive even when things are not going the way you hoped.

Negative thoughts precedes negative attitudes, and when your attitude is negative,  it diffuses your ability.

Always create a positive environment by doing away with anything that communicates negative thoughts.

Learn how to become successful everyday.

8. If you Don’t Spend And Invest Wisely


Your financial success depends heavily on how you spend and invest your money.

The way to your financial freedom is to spend wisely and invest wisely. A lot of people make money but only few spend and invest their money wisely.

The capacity to build up your finance from scratch lies on your ability to spend and invest wisely.

Cut your cloak according to your size. Don’t live a luxurious life while you are still building your financial status.

Don’t just save your money, learn how to invest it, take risks, but take calculated risks.

9.If You Don’t Read The Books

This is why majority of people will not be successful in life. Everything that will make you successful in life are written.

Something you do not know is responsible for your limitations in life. All you need to know are written.

You can never tell how ignorant you are until you start reading books (the right books). The more you read, the more you discover your ignorance .


The only way to achieve success is to know it’s principles and take action.

You can do anything you want to do, be anyone you want to be and achieve anything you want to achieve .

All you need to do is to make a choice and take action now!

Do you know any other reason why I won’t be successful?

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