personal productivity

The rate of your personal Productivity in all aspects of life is determined by the rate of your mental flexibility.

Increase, development and multiplication is the true rhythm of life.

In life, everyone was born average. Every human was made like crude oil that needs to be refined into valuable and marketable product.

This can be achieved through mental development but the level of mental development of anyone can determined by his mental flexibility.

That is to say that you are mentally developed to the degree to which you are mentally flexible.

Flexibility is the quality of being adaptable or variable.

Naturally, The world we live in has been undergoing a constant evolution and things are changing rapidly with time.

The same thing is applicable to you and I. Every human has the ability to develop and increase mentally and it affects our physical results in whatever we do.

The level of our mental development affects our personal productivity, creativity,and of course the quality of our lives.

You will agree with me that technology has been rapidly advancing since it’s inception.

Many years ago there was nothing like online business but since the introduction of internet few years back, things have changed and you can buy almost anything online these days.

Phones have been undergoing evolution from land phone, and today there are smart phones, iphones, tabs and ipods that function like laptop computer.

personal productivity



personal productivity

personal productivity

Every development and changes in life can be traced to the mental development of man.

I discovered that most people due to lack of mental flexibility, are very rigid and hardly adapt to changes or desire to grow.

” A major reason people fail to move forward in life is that they become too rigid and inflexible in their ideas “—Brian Tracy

As you improve your understanding, you improve your outer results.

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I have watched people stick to the little knowledge they have acquired for a very long time.

You can’t live without a desire to know more and expect better outer results. …..That’s impossible.

Lack of mental flexibility has the following disavantages:

  1. It leads to lack of creative and innovative abilities.
  2. It leads to mediocrity
  3. Impedes mental development, and affects personal productivity and your level of success.
  4. It also affects your relationship with others.

Here are Four tips on how to improve your mental flexibility.

            Desire To Grow

Growth and development is the bedrock of maximum personal  productivity.

It is necessary for success in all aspects of life

The desire to grow and eradicate mediocrity is a key to accelerate mental flexibility.

Anyone with a desire to grow can adjust his life style just to achieve his desire.

It is good to understand the fact that you need to grow everyday, in knowledge and understanding.

Try Something New Everyday 

Mental inflexibility is a life style that is learned over time. Any life style that is learned can be unlearned.

Doing anything in the same way and expecting a different result is an act of ignorance.

The reason why some businesses don’t grow is because the pioneers  stick with their old mentalities without seeing any need for some changes.

Think of new things you can add to whatever business you do. Device better means by which you can offer your services to your customers or audience.

Think of different ways you can pattern or design your products.

Each day, try and do your daily routines in a different way rather than the way you use to do them. Honestly, this works positively.

For instance:

Follow a different road when going to work instead of the normal way you use to follow.

It will make you think differently and also affects your mental flexibility.

  Stop Making Arguments

Do I mean you should believe everything you hear or see? No.

I discovered that the more people tend to argue, the less they learn.

A good learner is not prone to making arguements. Whatever information he gets,  he first of all confirms the veracity of the information by making use of it.

On the other hand, a bad learner out of his inflexibility will argue every information or suggestion that is not comfortable with his paradigm or belief.

This has led many into regrets after finding out that some of the things they doubted and neglected were true.

This impedes your personal productivity and limits your outer results.

     Never Stop Learning 

The more you know the more you become mentally flexible.

Increase the knowledge you have acquired everyday and improve your abilities daily.

By doing this, if your personal productivity is low or bad, you can improve to be good.

If your personal productivity is good, you can improve to get better and even better.


Your mental flexibility determines your outer results.

Sticking to a particular mentality is dangerous to your personal productivity.

Is there any other way to improve personal productivity through mental flexibility you know?

Please let me know by leaving a comment below.




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