personal development

Personal development is the increase in your ability to produce better results in various areas of your life.

Why do you need personal development?

personal development

Your outer results are determined by your inner understanding and your inner understanding increases as you develop it.

This article contains a step by step guide on how you can develop yourself.

Here is number one.

1. Self Acceptance 

personal development

One of the nature of man is the tendency of not accepting the fact that he needs development.

Every man in his own eyes,  assumes that he is wise and knowledgeable.

There is no limit to your personal development.

” Your only limitation is the one you set up in your own mind”–Napoleon Hill

No matter what you have achieved, there is more you can achieve if you can stretch your personal development.

One of the major virtue and first step to your personal development is the ability and readiness to always accept the fact that you have not known everything you need to know.

So come out of your comfort zone and accept that you need to develop.

2. Hunger And Desire 

personal development

This is the foundation of all success. You will never pursue anything in life without a hunger or desire for it.

Of all the propelling factors in life, hunger is the strongest. It creates the desire for pursuit and you know that pursuit is a prove of passion.

Literally, if you are not hungry, you will not have the appetite to eat. And if you are not thirsty, you will not have the desire to drink.

Your hunger for personal development creates the appetite and desire to achieve it.

The higher your hunger and desire, the higher you tend to develop.

If you take a donkey that isn’t thirsty to a river and force it to drink, it won’t drink because it’s not thirsty.

But take that same donkey near the same river when it’s thirsty, it will drag you by itself in order to drink from that river.

The more hunger you have for personal development, the more you tend to do things that will satistify your hunger.

“All growth and progress requires you to move out of your comfort zone in the direction of something bigger and better “—Brian Tracy

 personal development

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3. Find Out What Area(s) You need to Improve 

Take a personal analysis in all the areas of your life and find out where you need development.

You may not need development in every area now, but start with those areas where there are no or little results.

Any aspect or area of your life that you are producing results that is less than your expectation needs improvement.

Improving your results to your expectation can only be done through personal development.

4. Commit Yourself To Reading 

personal development

The greatest and fastest way to personal development is through reading. That is, reading books and articles that are in line with those areas you want to develop.

Reading makes you knowledgeable and develops your mentality , widens your mind and exposes your areas of ignorance.

If you want to improve as a public speaker, read books or articles on public speaking.

If you need a personal development as a sales person or business person, then read books and articles on business and sales.

The same thing is applicable to other areas.

As a teacher, you need to update your knowledge on the subjects or courses  you teach.

There are books written on anything you want to improve on.

Therefore, whatever you want to develop, put it in by reading.

This  will help to reduce your journey to personal development.

5. Attend Training Programs And Seminars 

There are lots of training programs and seminars both online and offline you can attend.

You can apply for or attend coaching programs and seminars conducted by professionals.

This will help accelerate your personal development and growth

6. Teach Others What You Know

personal development

This is one of the the greatest ways to attain mastery. You have to make it a habit to teach others what you have learned.

Especially in the areas of your expertise, knowledge or skill.

Since I started , I have been getting better at what I know.

Find a medium to share your knowledge about something you know or skills you have acquired.


Because the more you teach, the more you increase your personal development.

You can share what you have learned with your friends on social media ( facebook, reddit, LinkedIn, whatsapp e t. c)


Better still,you can start a blog . This is the best way to teach others and get  better at what you do and develop yourself.

Since I started blogging, I have been reading wider than I used to because I need  personal development as a blogger.

And secondly, I need to publish atleast one or two posts each week.

You can only get better and master whatever you know or do if you teach others.

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7. Start Working 

” If you go to work on your goals, your goals will go to work on you. If you go to work on your plan., your plan will go to work on you. Whatever good things we build end up building us “–Jim Rohn



I hope you understand all the steps you have learned in this article.

Those steps are the keys to your rapid personal development.

Is there any other way to improve my personal development you know??

You can leave your comment, question, suggestion in the comment box below.

Please share this article with your friends and family so that they will learn too.

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