knowledge is very essential because cause and effect are inevitable. There are 3 major factors why people are limited in life and in what they do.

#1: Something you do not know

Knowledge is the factual information that a person knows. Something you do not know is responsible for the limitations in your life. The way to life is not down, not static but always up. You can only act on what you know.

Here is a question for you, how much knowledge do you have about leadership, finances, managing people, time management? Your attitude towards the above mentioned factors determines how successful you will be in life.

Men reign in life by the strength of the knowledge they have acquired and fail because of ignorance .




The reason why two people engage in the same profession and one succeeds while the other fails is because there is something that the one who succeeds knows that the other who fails does not know.

A student becomes the best in class as a result of the fact that there is something he/she knows that other classmates don’t  know.

Anyone who drives a car must first of all learn how to drive. To be successful, you must first learn how to be successful .

You can be who you want to be. You have to persistently and consistently pursue the right knowledge you need to become who you want to be.

Do not depend on casual knowledge but organized knowledge. You can learn how to become anything you want to be and learn how to do whatever you want to do

There is no limit to knowledge and there is no limit to success. In life, the more you know, the better chance you stand to be more successful.

The world is moving on a fast lane and technology  is advancing everyday and old methods of doing things are being substituted by new methods.

It is true that the unlimited mind of man can only be improved by adequate knowledge and it can be done by constant learning.

One major reason why many business fail, stop growing or become less successful is because of lack of knowledge.


lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge

A business man who knows nothing or very little about managing finances cannot grow a business efficiently.Give a small capital investment to a well financially knowledgeable business man and watch him grow the business efficiently within a short period of time.

“For you to solve a level one problem you have to be in level two ” —Albert Einstein

The major problems people have today are–Many people start learning but stop at a point. These limit their ability to solve certain problems or confront certain obstacles that may arise in their lives.

And too, many people focus on getting ahead of others instead of getting ahead of themselves.


Now stop and think about the areas you need to improve. Maybe in business or chosen career.Write them down before you continue reading. I will give you a tip on how to improve as you read on.

              sources of knowledge 

School is a place where people learn how to learn. The knowledge people acquire in school is just a platform to learn the major things they need to learn in life.


sources of knowledge

Sources of knowledge

It is quite unfortunate that school do not teach people how to be successful and financially independent.

We were taught how to be financially dependent and  work for successful people. You can be a trail blazer but it can’t be acquired in school. There are major sources of knowledge available to man, they are :

#1 Books : 80 to 90% of the things that make people successful are contained in books. To have a well-organized and constructed knowledge and become successful, you must be a voracious reader.

knowledge from books

Knowledge through books

Anything you want to become today, there are books to read about it. Books builds the mind and makes you extraordinary in what you do. Just make sure consult the right and the best books.

So, find out the areas you need improvement and go search for the books you need to read in those areas in the internet(amazon ) and bookshops. You can browse and download e-books via google and read them through e-book droid in your phone or laptop. That’s the solution.

#2 Seminars , tutorials, videos, podcasts: Today, there are various videos you can watch via YouTube , seminars you can attend, and tutorials you can watch and get every information you need .

There are many articles you can get through the internet based on your areas of interest. All you need to do is to know what you want, have a device that can browse, have data and internet connection. I have done these things and my life changed and is still changing.

       #2 Something you have not                            consistently acted upon 

This is the second reason why people are limited in life. Having knowledge, no matter how sufficient it is without taking  action is equal to lack of it.

Practice what you have learnt on consistent basis because practice makes perfect. Knowledge alone is insufficient to make one successful. Even when the action taken did not produce a positive result, try again and again until you get it right.

Thomas Edison failed  more than 10000 times before he was able to succeed in producing the incandescent electricity light. The inventor of 7up tried and failed six times and succeeded the seventh time. That’s why it’s called 7up. Michael Faraday tried 999 times before he invented electricity.

#3 Lack of imagination 

” I am enough artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world —Albert Einstein.




A man said that whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.

The law of attraction makes it clear that whatever picture you consistently hold in your mind becomes your reality. The universe will always work to give you back what you always think and imagine.

So, it’s not enough to acquire knowledge and take action, it is also very essential to imagine what you want to be, where you want to be and how you want things to go for you.

Napoleon Hill used imagination to tap from great men during his time. He would stay alone and imagine himself conversing with some great men he desired to be like and after which he possessed some of the qualities he desired from them.

Imagination is a natural ability for all men and women, why don’t you utilize your ability to imagine. Think and imagine consistently what you want to become and watch life take an unstoppable dimension to work out your success.



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