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The secret keys to success are hidden where they can be found. It takes wisdom and daily personal observations to discover the entire secret keys to success.

I have taken my time to take a thoughtful analysis on the reason why majority of people in our society today are poor and under achieving, though well meaning and hard working people.

I came to find out that they lack one thing…”knowledge”

You can never apply what you do not know.

I have analysed 6 keys to success and would like you to discover for yourself what these 6 keys might be and how important they are for your successful living.

1.Your daily routine 

keys to success

Tell me what you do in your daily activities and how you plan and use your 24 hours each day and I will be apt to tell you your probable future results.

What you put in today determines what you will harvest tomorrow.

Your future success depends heavily  on what you do with your time today. Each day gives you an opportunity to improve your life and make it better..

The sum total of everything you are today represents the sum total of everything you did in your daily routine of yesteryears and who you will be in 5 years will be determined by your daily routine between now and next five years.

To achieve your goals and be successful in life, you need to do something everyday to move toward your goal.

What and what do you do in your everyday life?

These are some of the irrelevant things many people do with the 24hrs of  their daily lives :

  • spending time on social medias  not for business but just for fun
  • Watching TV or movies
  • Playing games
  • Sleeping, eating and bathing
  • Visiting friends

Doing the above things are not bad but imagine what your future would become if your daily routines are encumbered ONLY with irrelevant activities.


2.The kinds of books and articles you read

There is nothing that can impact on your every area of life than books and articles.

Books helps to build and develop the mind. The kind of books and articles you feed your mind with is what you will become.

Keys To Success

I came to find out that most people spend their time reading the wrong books and articles.

If you are ready to pursue a career or any profession, you don’t need to channel your time and energy reading books and articles that will not help you succeed in your profession.

If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t go about reading novels or any material that don’t help you become a better entrepreneur.

Honestly, a lot of people make the mistake of reading junks that have nothing to do with what they do for a living.

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3.Your implementation ability 

This is a vital key to success. Majority of people get less smart when it comes to implementing what they have learned.

Having all the knowledge without application is as the same as lack of it.

Every successful man you and I know has high ability to apply any thing he learns immediately .

Whenever you get any new idea, information, or knowledge in your area of interest, do take action by implementing it immediately.


The first reason is that you may tend to forget if you procrastinate.

Secondly, you may not have  another chance or opportunity to implement it.

Thirdly, Someone else may act on your idea before you do.

Bill Gates made a striking statement about his success. He said “Others had what I had but I was the only one that took action”

I have learned to implement what ever I learn immediately and it has helped me in no small way.

Write down any information you can’t implement immediately on your diary and schedule a time for it’s application.

This is the master key to success because It is the action key.

4.Your ability to assume total responsibility for your life 


Keys To Success

success is in your hands

We live in a society where people blame others for their failures and mistakes.

The Unemployed blame the government for being unemployed.

Workers blame their bosses for being underpaid.

Entrepreneurs blame the market system for their business being bad.

The poor blame poverty for their failure to be rich.

No one is taking the blame for the limitations.

There are three facts you should know about life:

  1. It is in your hands to change your life.
  2. The system will not always favour you, you have to work things out by yourself
  3. You are responsible for all the results in your life

5 Your Mindset

A mindset is a belief that determines how you handle situations and what you should do.

keys to success

Your mindset  determines the way you approach life and the way you approach life determines your results.

Our mindset is the center of our real selves. If we have a growth mindset then we expect that we can improve our ability.

People with growth mindset can show resilience and perseverance when they have committed errors —they become more motivated to work harder.

6. The amount of Information you have 

Information comprises of the knowledge you have acquired.

Information is vital to every form of success. The more information you have, the more chances you stand to succeed in life.

The world is on a fast lane and is given to change. It is wrong and detrimental to your success if you breach or neglect your sources of information.

 Books and articles are vital sources of information. Seminars, audios, podcasts and videos are also sources of information. 

Never stop learning. Make proper research and update your knowledge everyday with new informations.



It is not enough to read this article and navigate to another page without implementing what you have learned.

Take a piece of paper write out  3 things you will do daily that will move you toward your goal.

Do not be afraid to include things that seems impossible, for nothing is impossible to anyone who has decided to succeed.

Don’t forget to leave a comment, suggestion, or question.

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I am Oscar Nelson, a chemical engineering technologist by profession and a passionate blogger. I live in the eastern part of Nigeria. I love motivational books and videos and I enjoy teaching people how to be successful in life. I started this blog as a result of the passion and drive I have for success and the resentment I have for poverty and mediocrity.SUCCESS is a mindset. To be successful in life, you have to first of all program your mind for success. Poverty is my motivation!

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