Ignorance simply means lack of knowledge or information about something. It is the worst disease of mankind. Ignorance as a disease in biological terms is an illness affecting humans, animals or plant, often caused by infections.

In general terms, it is something that is very wrong with people’s attitude, way of life or with society.

Ignorance is the reason why people worry. Worrying causes unhappiness. Worrying has never solved a problem and can never solve any, it can only aggravate problems. Worrying makes one sick in the mind and when the mind is sick, the whole body is affected. The cause of worrying is the ignorance of the fact that worrying is a choice.

The reason why people worry is because they choose to. And they think it can solve their problem. You can choose not to worry about anything because it can never profer a solution to any of your problems.

Ignorance is the worst disease of mankind because it is responsible for virtually all problems encountered in all spheres of life. Ignorance is as effectively negative as far as knowledge is effectively positive.


The reason many people don’t get promotion in their jobs is because they are ignorant of the secrets of promotion.

Many business fail because the pioneers are ignorant of the secrets to build a successful business. Some business are stagnant(dont grow) because of this same reason.

There is only one solution to this worst disease of mankind. Knowledge is the solution to ignorance. Anything you do not know or do not know how to do, you are ignorant of it.

There is a portion of knowledge you need to know in order to be successful in all areas of your life. The knowledge you have about health determines how successful you will be health wise. The amount of knowledge you have in finances determines how successful you will be financially.The amount of knowledge you have about marriage determines how successful you will be in marriage.

The amount of knowledge you have in any area determines how successful you will be in that area.

Therefore, determine by yourself the areas that concerns you in life and increase your knowledge in those areas.

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Oscar Nelson

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