Ignorance is the darkest path of man’s journey that tramples on his opportunity to discover his talent or future.  Ignorance is a disease as spoken by some of our leaders.

However, it’s ignorance that results to many untimely death. It keeps ones eyes closed while it’s opened. It is synonymous to lack of knowledge and awareness. Illiteracy seems to be the major cause of ignorance but not in all aspect. Some educated men are more ignorant than many illiterates. Men have seen gold and just walked passed it because they never knew they can make good fortune out of it.

Esau sold his birth right not knowing he has lost his fortune to his younger brother. It is ignorance  that makes one fail and thinks it’s over. It makes one stand in the right door with the wrong key.

“No matter how sincere and talented you are, If you stand before a closed door with the wrong, it will not open ” —Rev Ayodeji Cole

That the rate of unemployment is increasing everyday is a prove that majority of graduates don’t know the potentials they possess. And the reason why jobless graduates blame the government for lack of job opportunities is because it has not occurred to them that they can create jobs for themselves and for others. If everyone wants a job, who then will create jobs?





Ignorance can cause someone to have a gold mine in his back yard with out discovering it. It is the major cause of  all tragedies in life including poverty (believe that), yes it is. You can only be rich by the virtue of what you know how to do  (knowledge) which is the opposite of ignorance.

This has caused many men to eat their cake when they should save it for tomorrow. It has caused many people to major on the minor issues of life and minor on the major issues of life.

Ignorance is the reason why the youths in our days invest in fashions and in the mundane things of life neglecting to invest in their future. Our young men are busy buying suits instead of books ….ridiculous!!! And our young ladies are busy making up for their looks instead of their attitudes, horrendous !!!

The labour of the foolish wearieth everyone of them because he does not know the way to the city ( eccl. 9 vs 15)

Ignorance is responsible for high rate of divorce today and why many ladies are unmarried. He that found a wife found a good thing. Meaning that a lady has to be a wife (possess the real qualities of a wife )before she can be found by a man. The same thing is applicable to a man, he has to be a husband  to find a wife. Ignorance has hidden this truth from most couples and that’s why divorce cases are very high.

Ignorance is not a friend but a foe. It is every were and the painful part of  it is that formal education can’t eradicate it.

The part 2 of this article will contain a solution to ignorance. Thanks for reading.

Oscar Nelson

I am Oscar Nelson, a chemical engineering technologist by profession and a passionate blogger. I live in the eastern part of Nigeria. I love motivational books and videos and I enjoy teaching people how to be successful in life. I started this blog as a result of the passion and drive I have for success and the resentment I have for poverty and mediocrity.SUCCESS is a mindset. To be successful in life, you have to first of all program your mind for success. Poverty is my motivation!

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