Anyone can start blogging, but not everyone can become a successful blogger.

Blogging has become very popular to the point that it has escalated high level of competition in online business.

A lot of people have started blogging before you and are making a lot of money from it.

Though it seems they have occupied all search engines (google, bing and yandex) rankings and have driven all the traffic to their website, there are still a lot of opportunities for you.ūüėÉ

The truth is that whenever there is competition, there are opportunities, got that?

The greatest opportunity you have in a competitive environment is found in your difference and uniqueness.

It’s not enough to think of starting a blog ¬†without knowing the qualities you must possess in order to succeed in it.

Whether you are blogging for business or for any other reason, the competition is the same as long as search engines and SEO are concerned.


Therefore, no matter your purpose for blogging, your major goal is that people should visit your site and read your blog posts consistently.

It will be a waste of time , money, energy if no one is reading your posts. Your goal is not just to get visitors but to get them and keep them coming back for more.

I am going to share with you in details 9 qualities of all successful bloggers.

These qualities will help you examine yourself and also guide you to find out what qualities you should possess and areas you need to improve on.

1.You Must Be Knowledgeable 

Before you start your blog, there must be something you have passion for that you want to share with your targeted audience.

An alternative to what you have passion for is to learn a skill or get knowledge on what you want to blog about.

It is advisable to blog about something you are knowledgeable in and have passion for.

What you are passionate about is what you are made of, and you will have a greater tendency to improve rapidly and do better in it than you can do in what you are not passionate about.

Blogging is fun and should be done as a hobby.

Some of the successful bloggers you know started blogging as a hobby.

Don’t just start a blog because people are making money from it and don’t choose your niche because of it’s popularity.

Your knowledge and passion shall determine your niche.

Continue reading, a lot of information lie in Store for you.

2.You Must Be A Writer 


Bloggers are writers. You are required to have atleast little writing skill and from that point you will improve with each article you write.

Even if you don’t have any writing skill, there is no problem because you can learn it.

Though you may hire someone to help you do the writing if you so wish.

I never knew I possess any writing skill till I started writing and since then I have been learning and growing.

I advise you not to pay any one to write for you except you dont have time to do the writing.

If you start writing by yourself, you will discover that you possess writing skills you never imagined.

The major requirement for blogging is not just writing skills.

If you have some information that people need, and you can communicate those information through writing, you are good to go.

3.You Must Be A Teacher 



It is not just enough to write and publish articles and expect your visitors to read and understand.

You should be able to convey information to your readers in a simple and coherent manner.

It is better to have some grammatical errors in your post and make your readers understand your write up than being grammatically sound and leave your readers in the dark.

Remember, you are communicating with your readers so use “you and I ” in your articles to engage your readers.

Break down your information for your readers to understand better.This can be done by defining complex terms and using images.

For instance, I may decide to list all the 9 qualities of successful bloggers without explaining them.

You will get the information but going further to explain each one of them enlightens you more.

Moreso, use examples and stats to explain terms if the need arises.

Before you start typing your article, first of all write down those information on a piece of paper. After typing, read your article out loud to yourself before publishing it.

4. You Must know And Love Your Purpose For blogging 

Your purpose for blogging maybe to make money, affect and change lives through your information e.t.c.

Whatever your purpose for blogging is, do it with passion, enthusiasm and willingness.

Love what you do and be dedicated to achieving your purpose.

5.Sustain The Capacity To Accept Criticism 

I have read many blog posts and have seen various mistakes made by professional bloggers.

No one knows everything and no one is above mistake. As a blogger, there is no end to knowing and improving.

Grammatical blunders and spelling errors are the popular mistakes most bloggers make.

The probability is that you will make mistakes but don’t make too many mistakes as it may render your message ineffective and unprofessional.


So be ready to be criticized by your readers.

Please do not be angry at your readers if they criticize you, rather appreciate them for spoting your errors and promise them you will improve.

I might have made some blunders in this article. Please do bear with me if you spot any error……I am still improving.

6.Perseverance And Consistency 

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. You have to sustain the capacity to persevere when things get tough.


Of course you MUST encounter barriers as you seek to drive traffic to your blog and keep your visitors coming back for more.

Blogging can sometimes be frustrating that any rational person would give up easily.

It takes a long time to make money from blogging. You have to invest a lot of time, energy and atleast a substantial amount of money building your blog.

You have to consistently work hard to overcome obstacles  and  keep your blog running..

7.Learn From Others 

You must be ready to learn from others, especially from other bloggers both in and out side of your niche.

Visiting other blogs on a regular basis to learn and find out what is trending is a good decision. 

You can visit the sites below to learn more about blogging.

neilpatel. com

8.Relate With Your Readers 


Your readers are your rewarders and the only reason why you will monetize your blog confidently.

Without them, your blog is useless.

Always listen to your visitors and focus on giving them what they want and not what you want.

Commit yourself to answering their questions and replying their comments. Also ask for their suggestions frequently.

The best way to ask for your readers suggestions is by ending your write up with a question.

That will help engage your readers and provide an avenue and persuation for them to comment.

Every successful blogger possess this quality


Everyone possesses the quality of being creative. You don’t need to be a genius to be creative but you need to be creative to become a genius.

Your creativity is in your difference and uniqueness.

Just find out your difference and take advantage of it. Your difference and uniqueness will make you stand out in your niche.

Do your thing in a certain way. Don’t be afraid to try something new but make sure it interests your readers.


Blogging will be fun if you possess those qualities you have just read.

Before you talk about SEO and search engine ranking, first make sure you possess all the 9 qualities in this article.

Your success in blogging will be limited or impossible if you lack any of those qualities.

Is there any other quality you know? Please leave a comment below.




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