“I would define Amazon  by our big ideas, which are customer centricity, putting the customer at the center of everything we do, invention. We like to pioneer, we like to go down dark alleys and see what’s on the other side “—

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Jeffrey Preston Jorgenson (Jeff Bezoz) is the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of world’s largest online shopping retailer known as amazon.

His company (Amazon) began as an online book store and has expanded to a variety of products and services, including videos and audio streaming.

Amazon is currently the world’s largest internet sales online company.



Did you know? —Amazon had 225 million customers around the world as of 2013.

Jeff Bezoz became the first centibillionaire as his wealth surpassed 100 billion dollars on November 24, 2017.

He is the world’s wealthiest person  with an approximate net worth of 130.8 billion dollars as of March 6th 2018.

One of the visions of amazon is to sale everything to everybody.


I want to  let you know that it is not just enough to be aware of how rich Bezoz is or how successful Amazon  has become.

Jeff bezoz has laid a monument that you and I should learn from.

People become successful by learning from other successful people.

Here are 3 indispensable lessons you should learn from the CEO  of amazon

  1.Dream Big 

Jeff Bezoz possesses what I called an unlimited  world wide vision.

He founded Amazon in 1994, and his ultimate vision is to sale everything to everybody. But guess what, he is doing it.

And on July 27, 2017, he became the world’s wealthiest person.

He was able to envision Amazon as a company that will rock the world and meet the need of everyone.

His dream to sell everything to everybody propelled him to advance Amazon from an online book store to an online multiple products store and his dream has been achieved to an enviable extent.

That’s amazing.



You have to dream big. All you need to do is to take the big responsibilities of your big dreams, be persistent, consistently work on your dreams and you will surely succeed.

” Shoot the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars “—Les Brown

Big dreams will make you work harder, remain focused, think differently and achieve more than anyone with little dreams.

2.Use The Best Marketing Platform 

There is no platform that can make your products and services go viral and reach millions or billions of customers than the internet.



All social medias make use of the internet and all online businesses are connected to the internet.

Amazon would not have reached 40% of it’s total customers had it not been online.

The more customers generated, the more sales and the more profits made. This can be achieved faster and better online.

For the past twenty years, internet business has made most world billionaires what they are .

Any business that is not online will be  limited no matter the quality of products and services offered by the business.

No need to labour the point, it’s obvious that every business needs an online presence to be very successful.


what do you need to do now???

I don’t care what business you do. You need to own a website for your business and also leverage on social media to advertise your business.



3.Your Customers Are Your Success 

It is appalling that most people fail to recognize the fact that their success lies on their ability to win the trust of people.

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Making money is not the hall mark of any successful business but rather satisfying and meeting the customers needs.



Every customer deserves the best and that is what will keep them coming back. Gaining one customers trust will create a medium to reach other customers.


Jeff Bezoz has shown his value for both his present and prospective customers by making them his first priority.

Amazon did become successful because it is customer oriented. Amazon has over 95 million monthly unique visitors in USA alone.

Products bought from Amazon are picked, packed and shipped to their customers for free.

Now what do you think?

I think you are smarter and you can do better than bezoz if you apply these lessons.

Aside from my 3 lessons, what other lessons did you learn?

It’s time to make your comments, suggestions or ask your questions.

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